Welcome Service

“I am interested in going to church, but I feel like it’s a bit intimidating,” “I wonder if the Bible talks are too difficult,” “What if I can’t sing a hymn I don’t know…” “I wonder if it’s okay for me, a beginner, to go…”

For those who are feeling such concerns, Furukawa Evangelical Free Church has been holding “Welcome Worship Service” on a regular basis since 2018. This service features a program for beginners with easy-to-understand talks for those who are not familiar with the Bible or Christianity, and hymns that are well-known to the general public. We recommend this service as a “first step” to try coming to church. We hope you will take this opportunity to visit us. We look forward to seeing you there.



As a general rule, the meeting is held on the third Sunday of odd-numbered months. 2022 will be held on the following dates. (The bylines indicate the finished sessions.)

1st May 15 (Sun)
2nd July 17 (Sun)
3rd September 18 (Sun)
4th Nov. 20 (Sun)
5th Jan. 15 (Sun)
6th Mar. 19 (Sun)

*No advance registration is required. Please come directly to the church on the day of the service.
*We are resuming coffee time after the service on a trial basis from May 2022. *We will use paper cups with lids to prevent splashing, and we ask that you wear a mask when you are not drinking. Muddlers and sugar are individually wrapped to prevent infection. The risk of infection is very low because the hall is very well ventilated.


Furukawa Evangelical Free Church chapel

*For directions to the church, please refer to this page.
*Parking is available for 15 cars in front of the church.


*Bibles and hymn lyrics will be distributed at the reception desk, so please come empty-handed.
*Please come without your own clothes. Please come in your regular clothes.
*There will be a time of offering during the service, but it is completely optional. Please feel free to do so.
*If you have any other questions, please refer to the “Q&A before coming to church” page.

Past Sermons

You can listen to the messages given at previous Welcome Services via the Internet broadcast. Click on the title to jump to the detailed page. Please use it as a reference before coming to the church. Messages will be added as needed.

*Each messages are only on Japanese.

May 20, 2018 “The GPS of Life”
July 15, 2018 “God’s Love That Never Gives Up”
September 16, 2018 “Christ at Rest”
November 18, 2018 “Blessed in Poverty”
January 20, 2019 “Leave it to God”
May 19, 2019 “The Secret of Living in an Anxious Society”
July 21, 2019 “The Gift of Love”
September 8, 2019 “Freedom from Worry”
November 17, 2019 “How to Become a Forgiving Person”
January 19, 2020 “What Does It Mean to Believe?”
September 20, 2020 “A God Who Will Not Forget You”
November 15, 2020 “The Golden Rule of Relationships”
January 17, 2021 “Prescription for Fear”
March 21, 2021 “To Find Peace”
May 16, 2021 “How to Have a Axis in Your Life”
July 18, 2021 “Opening the Door of the Heart”
November 21, 2021: “A Life of Abundance of Gain”
January 16, 2022: “How to Live with Hope”
March 20, 2022: “The Need for Brotherly Love Today”
May 15, 2022: “What the Bible Teaches Us about the Meaning of Life”
July 17, 2022: “Home – Where We Should Go Home”

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