Pipe Organ

Furukawa Evangelical Free Church has a live pipe organ, which is relatively rare among Christian churches in Miyagi Prefecture. This page introduces the pipe organ.


1.Gedackt 8′
2.Principal 4′
3.Rohrflëte 4′
4.Oktave 2′
5.Quinte 1 1/3′
6.Scharff III

Hand keyboard C – g3 56 keys
Foot keyboard (pull-down) C – f1 30 keys
Mechanical key action & mechanical stop action
Total number of pipes 448

Modified, case made, and stops added (Principal 4′) by Katsuura Organ Studio (Ishinomaki, Japan) in April 2006. The parent company is Kabelle Organ (manufactured in 1978, Germany).
The above information was kindly provided by Katsuura Organ Studio.

For a detailed explanation of the modifications and relocation, please visit the introduction page of the Katsuura Organ Studio.



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