Church History

Furukawa Evangelical Free Church celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015. This page introduces major events of the church with photos.


In March, a resolution was passed to build a new church in Miyagi prefecture north of Sendai Evangelical Free Church to commemorate its 5th anniversary.


In May, it was decided that the area where the new church would be established would be the (then) city of Furukawa.


In April, the first service of the Furukawa Evangelical Free Church, a rented congregation hall on the second floor of a rented building in Kitamachi, Furukawa City, started. Missionary Mark Bowman of the Evangelical Free Church of America Mission arrived as the first missionary to serve.

Bowman Family

First chapel at Kitamachi (2nd floor of the building)


In March, it was decided at Sendai Evangelical Free Church to purchase land and build a church building in Tsurugasumi, Furukawa City (at that time) for Furukawa Evangelical Free Church’s own church building.


Proposed construction site in Tsurugasone


In May, Pastor Noboru Kobori arrived as the first pastor.

Pastor Noboru Kobori


In December, the new church building of Furukawa Evangelical Free Church (the current church building) was completed in Shin-e-kita, Tsurugasone, Furukawa, and a dedication ceremony was held in April of the following year.

Hall under construction

Building up the second floor

Surrounded for volunteers who were involved in the construction


In March, the first pastor, Rev. Noboru Kobori, retired after two years of ministry.


In April, Pastor Nobumoto Kurihara (former pastor of Nagareyama Evangelical Free Church) arrived as the second pastor.

Rev. and Mrs. Nobumoto Kurihara


A pipe organ relocated and modified from Urawa Evangelical Free Church was installed by Katsuura Organ Workshop (Ishinomaki City), and a dedication ceremony was held.



In March, Pastor Kurihara retired after 8 years of ministry. Pastor Kurihara became a cooperating pastor of Sendai Evangelical Free Church.

In April, Pastor Nobuaki Kadotani arrived as the third pastor.



In April, we were on track to become financially independent from the support of the Sendai Evangelical Free Church, our founding parent church, and began a new step forward as a self-supporting church.


In June, we celebrated our 20th anniversary and held a commemorative service. In addition, we published a 20th anniversary commemorative magazine, “Abura no Shitataru Michi” (“The Road with Sticky Oil”).

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