The location of Furukawa Evangelical Free Church is shown below. Please see the map when you visit us. We have also included directions by mode of transportation. If you do not know how to get there, please do not hesitate to contact us.

191-11 Aza-Shinekita, Furukawa-Tsurugasone
Osaki, Miyagi  989-6111

Phone: 0229-24-6939

By car

From central Osaki

From JR Furukawa Station, take Route 108 east (toward Ishinomaki). After about 1.5 km, you will pass the Arao Bridge and cross the Shin-eaigawa River. Further east, you will see the Furukawa Driving School Center. After passing the center, turn left at the traffic light about 100 meters away (toward “Tajiri”). If you see a Family Mart on your left, you have gone too far) and turn left again after 50 meters. After 100 meters, you will see a church in front of you. It is a white building diagonally in front of the Tsurugasone Park.

From Ishinomaki

Proceed west on Route 108, passing near Rikuzen Yachi Station on the JR Riku-u-too-sen Line, and you will see EneJet gas station on the right side. About 400 meters from there, you will see a Family Mart. At the large intersection ahead, turn right (toward “Tajiri”). If you see Furukawa Driving School, you have gone too far). After another 50 meters, turn left, and you will see a church with a white building in front of it about 100 meters ahead.

From Osaki IC of Tohoku Expressway

After exiting the Furukawa IC of the Tohoku Expressway, turn right toward “Furukawa City”. After crossing Route 4, go straight east (toward Ishinomaki) on Route 108 for about 3 km until you come to a T-junction traffic light (there is a “Fujiya” on the right). Turn right here, then turn left at the first traffic light (there is an Eneos gas station on the right), and after about 100 meters you will reach the Arao Bridge and cross the Shin-eaigawa River. After another 1 km, you will come to a signalized intersection, turn left here (toward “Tajiri”). After 50 meters, turn left again, and about 100 meters ahead you will see a church with a white building in front of it.

By train

We recommend JR Furukawa Station for the most convenient transportation. If you are coming from Sendai Station, a nonreserved seat ticket on the Tohoku Shinkansen will get you a seat in an available reserved seat (the fare is 1,500 yen, and the trip takes 15 minutes). There is no public transportation such as buses in the east direction from Furukawa Station, so we are afraid you will have to take a cab. Please call the driver and tell him “Tsurugasone” and then “turn left at the traffic light at the end of Furukawa Driving School, then turn left again, and the church is the white building ahead”. The fare is about 1,100 yen.

The nearest station to our church is Rikuzen Yachi Station on the JR Riku-u -too-sen Line, but it is about 1.2 km from the station to the church, which is a walk, so we recommend using JR Furukawa Station whenever possible. We recommend JR Furukawa Station if possible.


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